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perfectly flawed

8 December
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abfog, ancient rome, architecture, army, bach, bagpipe, banjo, bar hopping, bass guitar, bassoon, battleship, beer, beethoven, billiards, blackflag, blues, blur, boats, booby traps, brahms, byzantine architecture, castanets, cats, cello, chess, chopin, church bells, clarinet, classical music, classical rock, claves, colonization, congas, contrabassoon, cymbals, devices, dizi, dogs, double bass, drinking games, drums, dulcimer, dungeons and dragons, english horn, erhu, fiddle, flea, flute, food, football, frags, french horn, ft. benning, fungi, fungus, gender, gong, green, green tea, guitar, guzheng, half-life, half-life 2, harmonica, henry rollins, infantry, infidels, japanese architecture, japanese culture, japanese history, jasmine tea, jazz, jiu jitsu, jules verne, led zeppelin, magic the gathering, mandolin, marimba, modest mouse, monty python, mozart, natural horn, nin, nine inch nails, oboe, oldies, oliver stone, paintings, philadelphia, philadelphia eagles, piccolo, pictures, pink floyd, pipa, radiohead, rats, recorder, red bull, ridley scott, robert johnson, rock, roman architecture, rome: total war, saxophone, scary movies, scotch, sigur ros, sitar, slit drum, smashing pumpkins, spirits, spqr, statues, stephen king, sushi, tabla, tamborine, the american civil war, the family guy, time magazine, timpani, tool, tooth and claw, triangles, trombone, trumpet, tuba, tubular bells, uprising, veena, viola, violin, vodka, weezer, wine, wolfenstine, women, world war 1, world war 2, world war 3, xylophone