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9/11/05 04:25 am

It's 0425 in the morning time. I've been up for two days and my head is killing me. The only thing that is making me feel better is the "Chessmaster" game I downloaded onto my Samsung cell phone. I've been playing if for about two weeks now and I finally kicked the shit out of the computer on "Master" level. Good ol' dutch defense. It's a great little program. The multiplayer has a couple bugs but I still manage to get my fix by playing a game over several days.

I haven't been sleeping because I can't breath out of my damn nose and because I cough so much my throat feels like it's burning in hell. And that makes everything suck all the more because I can't get too cuddly with Isabel (my baby girl) because I might make her sick. All together it's a cluster f*** that I can't wait to be done with.

On a lighter note, college has been going great. I finally learned how to read music. I'm actually doing good in math for once. And my astronomy teacher is brilliant (if not completely fucking nuts) and helping me to learn things that I already thought I knew but actually knew nothing about. I can't stand the four girls that sit in the back and talk the whole damn class... but that's life I guess.

Supplies of beer and Red Bulls are quickly dissapearing, however, I did get paid today so I don't think I'll have to run totally out. Also I need peanut butter, milk, and totinos pizza.

I saw "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" yesterday (opening day) and I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It had alot more dramatic elements than most scary movies do. It seemed to want to relate a story first and then scare the hell out of you. And it did. The one scene when the boyfriend stays at her dorm and wakes up in the middle of the night to find her on the floor was probably the most creepy thing I have ever seen on film. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes scary movies.

Tomorrow I will go to Chef Lee and pig out.

Then school, then work, then sleep. Let the daily grind begin!

9/10/05 02:14 am - Rubberneckin'

All of the countries I have ever been to.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

9/2/05 04:23 am - How about a little fucking cliché

"Death Spectrum"

Annual US Deaths Due to Various causes
Compiled by Arthur Hu
Number User Rate
Acc. Chlorpyrifos poison 0
Disneyland 0.2
Latex gloves 0.3
Shark Attack 1
Bean Bag Chair suffocation 1
Acetaminophen child 1
Baby walker 1
Amusement Park 1-2
Baby playpens 1.5
Newspaper boy 2
Stage Diving (concert) 1997 2
Car Trunk child 89-99 avg 2
Soda Machine Toppling 2
Furniture tipover under5 yrs 3
Flammable sleepwear 2-3
Fireworks 1999 4
HS College football play heat 4
Gyrocopters 1996-2001 4
Bunk Beds 5
Hawaii Helicopters 5
Charter Bus 6
Old Seattle I90 bridge 7
Bath seat drownings 8
Roller Skates 10
Children 2-6 in Car Trunk 98 11
Window blind cords 13
Coal Mines 2001 14
Airbag Children 15
Amtrak passenger/crew 15
Elderly Bed Rails 85-99 16
Drawstring hoods 1995 17
Snowmobile avalanche 01-02 18
Children household poisons 20
Dog Bites 20
Killed by guns in school 86-9 23
Avalanche 20-25
Mud/Landslide 25-50
Playground 25
Skydiving 30
Alaskan Fishermen 30
Skiing deaths 34
Boating WA 94 36
15 passenger vans 90-02 40
Hurricane 1940-81 47
Construction Crane 50
Bee Wasp stings 50
Personal Watercraft 54
Killed School Bus 86-9 58
1999 Bus deaths 58
Lightning '95 89
Chickenpox 90
Needle Sticks 100
Fire Ants 100
'99 child in adult car belt 105
Flood 40-81 109
Candles 126
Tornado 40-81 128
Police Officers 2000 151
Lightning 40-81 188
Airline 200
Car Deer Collisions 211
Campylobacter(chicken) 200-1000
IllImm Mex-US Border '97 300
Bicycle Under 14 300
Childbirth 302
CJD brain disease 300-400
Heat related illness 318
Struck by trains 1999 530
CO Poisoning 594
General Aviation 600
Children under 4 cars 700
Recreational Boating 1996 714
Bicycle 1995 800
Railroad 1999 805
Child pedestrian[3] 1,100
Water borne disease 50- 1,200
Agriculture 1,300
CO Poisoning 1,500
Rec Boating 1973 1,754
Car Hit by SUV U Michigan 2,000
Motorcycle 2,500
Car Phone 2002 Harvard 2,500
Subcompact cars NHTSA 2-3,000
EPA Second Hand Smoke 3,000
Fire 4,500
Drowning 4,621
Teen car accidents 5,500
Pedestrian accidents 6,000
Occupational Injuries 6,200
Adverse Drug Reactions 7,000
Food Illness 9,000
Skin Cancers 9,733
Railroad 1917 10,000
Bladder Cancer 11,700
Falls 12,662
Shooting Murder 15,456
Diet related Cancer 16,000
Alchohol Driving 17,126
Influenza 20,000
AIDS 20,000
Radon (EPA high) 20,000
Lukemia 21,000
Suicide 1994[2] (#9) 31,142
Prostate Cancer 40,000
Breast Cancer 44,560
Motor Vehicle 50,000
Lukemia & Related 56,000
Colon Cancer 60,000
Mass Smallpox Vacc 71,250
Unintended Injuries (#5) 87,000
Medical Mistakes 98,000
Alchohol Related 100,000
Adverse Drug Reactions 106,000
Trauma 125,000
Medical Negligence est 150,000
Lung Cancer 158,700
Diabetes related 169,000
Influenza/pneumonia (#6) 200,000
Obesity (#2?)[1] 300,000
Tobacco related (#1?) 500,000
Cancer (#2) 500,000
Diseases of heart (#1) 733,834

And the cliché... Death is a part of life.

Of course it sucks that all those people died at once. But about 50 mil in the entire world die anually. Why is it only when many people die at once that anybody gives a shit? If people didn't die what would happen? The world would over populate and die.

Plus... What kind of dumb fucks would rob a clothing store and a wal mart when you have no food and disease is sure to run rampant. I can see robbing McDonalds for a cheeseburger but these fucking losers shot a cop while stealing a tv WHEN THERE IS NO GOD DAMN ELECTRICITY. Way to think ahead fuckers.

Let them kill themselves if that is as much as they can do.

8/28/05 06:00 pm


Who want's to come over and have a drink?

8/23/05 06:37 pm - I'm so bored

I am so bored. I sit around and do nothing here at work until about eight (it's six-thirty now). I can't do anything until the Labor and Delivery girls get here so I can pre-register them for their big day.

Ok. So I got hooked up with (never mind how)a bottle of Viagra. And. I must say it offers quite an experience. So is three hours and twenty minutes too long for one sexual encounter? And should I be worried that I have an erection for about twenty minutes after I come? And should I be worried that I have experienced all the side-effects listed on the bottle including blued vision (yes everything you see has a blue tint to it for about five hours after you take the pill), facial flushing, and heartburn?

No. Because it's like a dream medication. I can be in the process of having sex, and let's say the phone rings. I can pull out, answer the phone, chat for a minute or two, hang up, and my member is still so hard that a cat couldn't scratch it. What an experience. I'm going to have to start charging admission for the ride...

8/6/05 11:39 pm - It's All Mine!!!

Vintage 1960 Hammond F-100 organ that I got at an estate sale.
This isn't the actual one, this is just a picture I found on the internet while looking up Hammon Organs. Mine is in about the same condition, however. The only problem with mine is a power cord sheath that has disintigrated (which is a very common problem). It still plays, and my oh my is it lovely, I just don't want to have my music room catch on fire. I think you can put pretty much any power cord on there as a replacement as long as you plug the whole thing into a surge protector.

I'm so excited!

8/6/05 12:01 am - Ting

Friday August 12, 2005.

The perseids meteor shower will be at it's peak between 2AM and 6AM (thursday night, friday morning). At it's peak you will be able to see several streaks per minute as long as you live in an area with little light polution. Look to the east between these hours and you cant miss it. Meteor showers get their names because all of the meteors' paths across the sky seem to start at certain constellations. As you can guess...... The perseids meteor shower consists of meteors that seem to come from perseids. You will see meteors all over but they all can track their roots back to ol' perseus. I could go on and on about how they are formed and why they come from one point in the sky... but I'm not.

This year I am going to set the alarm, get out the floating cooler, and drift around my pool on a raft. Many glasses Red Bull and Vodka will follow these beers, I hope.


Maybe it's the part of me that sees beyond what others see. Maybe it's the fact that have always been emotional about things. Maybe it's just that I am set in my ways and 'that is that'. But when I see a celestial event, or a vicious rain storm, or any "American Beauty" type thing, I just get wierd.

The most beautifull thing I have ever seen happened last year. It's probably happened in the spring but I'm not sure. I was driving to school and happened to catch a double rainbow. There was one big rainbow with high color contrasts stretching so far across the sky that the rainbow as a whole seemed almost strait. It was real thick. It was probably the kind of rainbow that you would imagine would start the stories of pot's of gold and little green men smoking 4 leaf clover herb in corn cob pipes. Absolutely amazing. And right under that rainbow was another that seemed almost like a shadow. One big blob of color, undefined and a little sickly, being completely swallowed by this other rainbow. Just kinda like someone sitting in a sanitarium waiting to die. It was sort of sad, but I imagine it's just what I felt in my personal life at that time.

That was cool and all.

When I got out of class a little later I looked up into the sky to see if the rainbows were still there... They weren't, but the sky had turned purple. Honest to God, fucking dark purple. The clouds were very high in the sky. I guess some other clouds has broken up and just left some schrapnel here and there... But, it's so hard to describe.

The little pieces of cloud were all perfectly spaced, like checker pieces on a board. Each one looked kind of like a pyramid facing down. Inbetween each cloud you could see the dark blue of a sky getting ready for sunset, but the clouds were purple. The tip of each cloud was silver. The base, actually the highest part, seemed almost green. It was like a painting by some expressionist who's 'thing' was to only use only colors that were damn near primary.


I can't think of anything else to say. I would have given anything to have a camera so I could remember it. How can people just see something like that and not be in awe. Am I wierd to thick that life is worth slowing down for? Am I wierd to think that going out in a brisk breeze and laying in thick green grass and watching a full lunar eclipse while listening to track two off of "kid a" (kid a) over and over again in my walkman is better than going to my senior beer bash?

If so I'm glad I'm fucked up.

7/3/05 06:55 am - How I Stole Her Millions: Part 1

Favorite quotes...

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

"God is dead."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
John Lennon

"I wasted time, and now doth time waste me."
William Shakespeare

"It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking."
Julius Caesar

6/26/05 03:05 am

Tonight (06-26-05) at 9:30 three of the planets in our solar system will be within 1 degree of each other in the northwestern sky (as I have mentioned before a degree is the width of your thumb at arms length as compared to the sky). The planets are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, Venus having the highest magnitude (the brightest) of the three. They will be arranged in a triangular pattern with Venus being the apex of the triangle. They will still be close together for a few days after the event but within a week Venus will dissapear into the solar glare of the horizon.

To find where the event will be simply watch the sun set. Since Mercury is so close to the Sun it will be in almost the same area as where the Sun sets. Just look towards the sunset and in just a few minutes you will see the planets. Venus has the third highest magnitude to any object in the sky, the Sun being #1 and the Moon being #2. If it's not cloudy you can't miss it.


6/24/05 11:54 pm - A new muse.

I picked up the Led Zeppelin Greatest Hits album the other day. Of course there are several greatest hits volumes for LZ. I picked up the Early Days and Latter Days. Believe it or not, there are actually some songs on there that I have not heard before.

One in particular is a song called "No Quarter", and it's on the Latter Days CD (No idea what original album it was on)... This is a song that I feel sorry for having missed for 24 years. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure... LISTEN TO THIS SONG! It's got some kind of Radioheadesque / Pink Floydish kind of vibe to it. Although I must warn you that it is a total stoner song, and you can tell from the first note he taps on the keyboard that he was smoking some goodness when he cranked this one out. But for some reason I can't stop humming it.

Give it a whirl.

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