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9/22/09 08:03 pm - Last one.

Let's just say that this will be my last entry on livejournal.  Even though it has been years since I have actually posted here I feel the need to post one last update on things and bid a hello and farewell to all the people I have talked to.  I would like to say, ". . . to all the people I have talked to throught the years."  But I haven't been on in years, so.  Anyway.

On January 5, 2009 I became a soldier in the US Army.  I did so mainly to support my family and to get money for college, but also because some part of me felt the need to serve my country.  I will be the first to admit there have been some decidedly more important wars I could have fought in, but this is my time and the bug that nagged me to join the army happened to be biting my ass at the same moment Iraq was going down.

About a year after I joined the army I went to Iraq as an infantryman. 

I can ellaborate about what I saw and, more importantly, what I did.  I could go on all day or all week, but I'll just say that war is not for the weak.  I am not the same man I was.  In some ways I am glad, in some sad, but regardless I am safe at home and I still have my family.

As of right now I am still in the army but I have changed jobs to SatCom operations at Ft. Meade, MD.  There is no chance to deploy right now and I can finally have some stability and peace.  In three more years I will leave the army behind with a degree in Network Administration thanks to uncle Sam.  If you don't like that I am getting my tuition paid by taxpayer money you can kiss every part of my hairy bum.  Let's see you nearly get blow up and shot at weekly for 14 months.  You go through that then you have the right to bitch. =]

So here I sit.  Passing Com (signals) through satellites and counting my days until the Army is through with me (or vice versa).  I just wanted to post what was going on, more for myself than anyone.  Now you all know what became of the bird.

Here is my motto for satcom

"We Get It Up Faster, Keep It Up Longer, And Shoot Our Com All Over The World!" 


I don't know what roflmfaopimfpbah means but I'm sure it's fucking funny.

You all have my email if you want to hit me up occasionally.  I'm also now accepting hate mail. =]

Much love,


11/13/05 03:30 am - ONE WORD!

Tuaca. That's all I have to say.

It's an Italian liqueur imported from Tuscany and it is... the shit... If you like your spirits you must go try some.

Tuaca bomb:
1.5oz Tuaca
6oz Red Bull

That's all

10/22/05 02:17 am - Look, an infidel!

I declare jihad on all nonbelievers. I stress "all". If you do not bow the the will of Allah I will strike you down were you stand, for I have great power. I have powerful 'magics' granted to me from Allah that can show the true wrath of Allah to any infidel. I can, with ease, call up the spirits of Muhammad, Saladin, and other great prophets of the muslim faith, to strike, with spiritual hands, deep into the heart of the infidel, and drive him from our lands, or at least scare the camel dung out of him. On occasion, I can shoot firecrackers at his great iron birds who fly high in the sky, causing them to veer off course... a degree or two. I can run into a building and blow myself to kingdom come, killing many infidels, mostly because my vintage 1940 weaponry lacks the firepower to itch my wife's ass, let alone pierce the steel beasts of my enemy (not that I would scratch my wife's anyway, because she is a woman and therefore subservient to me!). Once I even shot a fireball from my eyes, but after two months of rehab, I decided car bombs were much more efficient in me killing myself. I have also been known, on occasion, to break a wicked fart, to cause the infidel much discomfort. One time I even juiced a little bit, causing an infidel to lose his freedom fries, if that is not glory to Allah... Than what is? Salaam Aleikum, not!

I'm so bored.
help me

10/21/05 11:52 pm - Solve this

1. Given a circle, diameter AB and a point C on AB, show how to construct two points X and Y on the circle such that (1) Y is the reflection of X in the line AB, (2) YC is perpendicular to XA.

10/20/05 02:27 pm - I do not agree with this.

You fit in with:

Your ideals mostly resemble that of a Humanist. Although you do not have a lot of faith, you are devoted to making this world better, in the short time that you have to live. Humanists do not generally believe in an afterlife, and therefore, are committed to making the world a better place for themselves and future generations.

0% scientific.
80% reason-oriented.

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10/15/05 11:47 pm

i was set in motion
no force to slow me
no thoughts to lure me away
no alternate routes made obvious
(so obvious?)
i was finished with everthing but you
only you
the strait and narrow way followed from in front
(can you lead from behind?)
life had started
i was ready

you stoped it
you stoped me
you stoped us
you stoped it all

and does what currently moves within you promise?
promise so much more than i?
i hope so
cause there's only moving forward for you now
that bridge behind you, i nuked it to the ground

10/9/05 09:20 pm

I woke up this morning and realized that I had a shitty life. All through school, I was the one who was picked on, I was the one who was criticized. Yet, though all that, I survived. And now, in my own little community, I am a respected and well thought of member of society. I am an upstanding citizen with a very good reputation.

But. I do not have the people skills that I need to branch out and get new friends. I look down when I talk to people, not realizing that I'm doing it until the conversation is over. I end conversations quickly with new people so that I don't have a chance to embarrass myself. I always get goofy and start swearing alot for reasons I don't even know, maybe to sound cooler. I always feel like I'm being scrutinized, and I just don't know why! I have worked on all of these issues, and over time I have gotten better. But I still feel out of place in most every social situation. And I can blame it all squarely on my fucking school years.

I learned well in school. I was a perfect student. In fact, I got 4.0's every year in school, and recently made a 98 out of 99 on the ASVAB test when national averages are around 40. However, from what I hear it is a text for dumbasses... But whatever.

I just wish I could feel like normal people do. Not worrying about how I present myself to people, just knowing how to do it and do it well.

10/8/05 04:39 pm - cool

You scored as Jock. You are the ruler of the school, so to say. You have girls swooning over your muscles and your skilled in most areas of the sports arena. You know how to play a mean game of basketball.










Emo Kid












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9/25/05 04:31 am - GANGED UP ON

I joined the army last Thursday.
I ship out January 5th.
14 weeks of basic training then on to being stationed.
I will serve 4 years and 16 weeks in the infantry and then be placed on 4 years of reserve.
I will go in as a PFC - paygrade E3.
I will get a 19k cash bonus for joining paid off in equal amounts yearly.
I will get a GI bill for 38k.
And Uncle Sam will own me...

I don't know what to think.

9/25/05 03:26 am - A neat little e-mail

Things I have learned from watching the news on TV during the past few weeks:

The hurricane only hit black families' property. Therefore, one could speculate that it was a racist hurricane made by Republican conservatives.

New Orleans was devastated and no other city was affected by the hurricane.

Mississippi and Alabama are reported to have a tree blown down... And that's it.

New Orleans has no white people or families in trouble.

When you are hungry after a hurricane, steal a big screen TV and a wardrobe because it will help you survive in a post disaster area.

***New for all rescue personel*** Being shot at is the new international sign for "Help Me!".

Don't give thanks to the thousands that came to help rescue you, instead bitch because the government hasn't given you a debit card yet.


New Orleans is the greatest, nicest, most crime free, most awesome city ever.

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